Bel 20002000 > 2004

Uitvoerder(s):Diverse uitvoerders
Label(s):EMI Music Belgium
Label code:6865562
Aanwezig in Muziekcentrumja
Genre(s):Pop / Rock
Taal:Engels, Nederlands, Frans


1-1.Hooverphonic - Mad about you
1-2.Latchak Feat. Sunzoo Manley - If this is love (Original short)
1-3.Arid - Me and my melody
1-4.Das Pop - The one (single edit)
1-5.K's Choice - Almost happy
1-6.Janez Detd - Take on me
1-7.Gorki - We zijn zo jong
1-8.Tom Helsen - When Marvin calls (Edit)
1-9.Praga Khan - The power of the flower (Radio mix)
1-10.Mauro - A faint smile
1-11.ABN - Ex-liefdadigheid
1-12.Sharko - I went down
1-13.Airlock - Face down
1-14.Metal Molly - Suncomfort international (Single edit)
1-15.Arno - All the young dudes
1-16.Anton Walgrave - Dust
1-17.El Fish - Strange situation
1-18.Buscemi - Ramiro's theme
1-19.Dead Man Ray - Brenner (edit)
1-20.Junior Jack - My feeling (Daddy's Prime Time edit)
2-1.Monza - Van God los
2-2.Millionaire - Me crazy, you sane
2-3.dEUS - Nothing really ends
2-4.Starflam - La sonora
2-5.Flip Kowlier - Kwestie van organisatie
2-6.Ozark Henry - Word up (Edited version)
2-7.Camden - Black paper black ink
2-8.Krewcial - Devoted
2-9.Janez Detd - Summer's gone (Edit)
2-10.Mauro - Let me know
2-11.Das Pop - The love program
2-12.Calexico - Crystal frontier ((Calexico vs. Buscemi))
2-13.Mintzkov Luna - Copper
2-14.Groove Cartel - Ultralove (Cartel Ultraradio mix)
2-15.Zornik - Love affair
2-16.De Mens - Ergens onderweg
2-17.YUM - Fake
2-18.Hooverphonic - Out of sight
2-19.Praga Khan, Axelle Red - Falling
2-20.Marc Moulin - Into the dark (Radio edit)
3-1.Daan - Swedish designer drugs
3-2.Arid - You are
3-3.Zornik - Hey girl
3-4.Millionaire - Champagne
3-5.'t Hof van Commerce - Kom mor ip
3-6.Cinérex - Heavenly
3-7.Sven Van Hees - What do you see? (Single version)
3-8.Lemon - Summer ghosts (Will I see you)
3-9.Hooverphonic - Sometimes
3-10.An Pierlé - As sudden tears fall
3-11.Flip Kowlier - Min moaten
3-12.Arno - Je veux nager
3-13.Camden - Snapshot
3-14.Axelle Red - Je me fâche (single versie)
3-15.Sukilove - Talking in the dark
3-16.Neeka - Don't hold me back
3-17.Ultrasonic - Lips they move (Radio edit)
3-18.Admiral Freebee - There's a road (Noorderlaan)
3-19.Orange Black - Dream team
3-20.Ozark Henry - You always know your home
4-1.Junior Jack - E Samba (Radio edit)
4-2.Das Pop - You
4-3.Admiral Freebee - Rags'n'run
4-4.Magnus - Summer's here (radio edit)
4-5.De Mens - Kamer in Amsterdam
4-6.Lemon - Stay with me (Edit)
4-7.Superdiesel - Ticket naar de zon
4-8.Stijn - Sexjunkie
4-9.Arsenal - Longee (Edit)
4-10.Funeral Dress - Party on
4-11.Mintzkov Luna - Mimosa
4-12.Sioen - Cruisin'
4-13.Junior Jazz - Uptown top ranking
4-14.Triggerfinger - Camaro
4-15.Buscemi - Seaside (Feat. Isabelle Antena)
4-16.El Tattoo del Tigre - El Tattoo Del Tigre
4-17.Vive La Fête - Touche pas
4-18.Janez Detd - Anti-anthem
4-19.Goose - Audience
4-20.Thou - I won't go to Nashville
5-1.Gabriel Rios - Broad daylight
5-2.Ozark Henry - Indian Summer
5-3.Stash - Sadness
5-4.Flip Kowlier - In de fik
5-5.Arno - Chic et pas chèr
5-6.Zornik - Scared of yourself
5-7.Delavega - Surely (Edit)
5-8.Magnus - French movies
5-9.The Go Find - Summer guest
5-10.Satellite City - Friend
5-11.Soulwax - E Talking (Edit)
5-12.Daan - Housewife
5-13.Plastyc Buddha - Private
5-14.Think Of One - Paleto
5-15.Zita Swoon - Thinking about you all the time (Radio edit)
5-16.Goose - Good Times
5-17.Nailpin - Together
5-18.Silverene - Talk it over
5-19.A Brand - Riding your ghost
5-20.Junior Jack - Stupidisco (Radio Edit)