Contemporary folk in Flanders 2010

Uitvoerder(s):Diverse uitvoerders
Label(s):Muziekcentrum Vlaanderen
Label code:FMC 2010/01
Aanwezig in Muziekcentrumja
Genre(s):hedendaagse folk


Compilatie rond hedendaagse folk in Vlaanderen op initiatief van Muziekcentrum Vlaanderen in samenwerking met Muziekmozaïek ter promotie van muziek uit Vlaanderen in België en het buitenland.


1.Hot Griselda - Schojascheuten / Torgny
2.Snaarmaarwaar - Valse sanssoucis
3.Sophie Cavez & Baltazar Montanaro - Gaspacho
4.Amorroma duo - Ulysse (Rondeau)
5.Göze - Mazurka des tuileries
6.Griff Trio - Genova
7.Kadril - Adieu Antwerpen
8.EmBRUN - Ma Bellelise / Mooie moekske
9.Naragonia - Couleur canard
10.Follia! - Bourrée de Brazil
11.Orion - Ravna Gora / Porz Téolenn
12.Decker & Decombel - Le bon lardon
13.Wouter Vandenabeele - Chanson des Grecs
14.Soetkin Collier - Speelman
15.Aurélia - Les janissaires
16.Ballroomquartet - Fireflies
17.Olla Vogala - La vie dans la forêt
18.Didier François - The travellers
19.Trommelfluit - Marche de l'infanterie Brabançonne


The selection of near 74 minutes is well compiled to a perfect listen, shows also pretty much two sorts of approaches. Two third of the groups are rooted in rural Flemish traditional folk, but they expanded this with experience so that a certain dynamics gives this again a contemporary feeling. Many of these groups except for a few private or small label contemporaries are related with the Apple/Wild Boar label who support such groups, also on most of the folk festivals in Flanders. A third or so other part are more independent, adventurous and creative and classically educated, often are also the more urban contemporary folk styles, supported by a label like Homerecords. The rural bands clearly have common ground in styles, as if all being the same band with lots of different ideas. Hearing these tracks compiled like this it works pretty well, as a perfect listening CD. ..As a presentation to potentional promoters this album gives a realistic perspective what Flanders contemporary folk has to offer.
Gerald Van Waes -

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Nieuws:Nieuwe compilatie met luisterrijke folk uit Vlaanderen (22.06.2010)
Organisaties:Muziekcentrum Vlaanderen (ondersteunende organisatie, bibliotheek, archief, studiecentrum, website)
Muziekmozaïek Folk & Jazz (muziekeducatieve organisatie, ondersteunende organisatie, bibliotheek, archief, studiecentrum, uitgever)