Intricate Moves 2

Formaat:Vinyl LP
Uitvoerder(s):DJ Grazzhoppa
Label(s):9mm Recordz
Label code:Taha 004
Aanwezig in Muziekcentrumja


A1.Introduction (Ft. M-Dot)
A2.Chess moves daily (Ft. Creme De La Creme)
A4.Killing it (Ft. Praverb The Wyse)
A5.Architekt music
A6.Foodfight (Ft. Odilon, Jazz T, Woody)
A7.Mr. Cheebahawkes prelude
B1.Method of madness (Ft JMega)
B2.Intricate funky moves interlude
B3.The big band theory (Ft DJ Grazzhoppa's DJ Bigband)
B4.Egotrip interlude
B5.Pyrotechnics (Ft. Kwote 1, Monique Harcum)
B6.Put the needle on the track (Ft. Boula One, Envious Mind)
B7.Feel good interlude
B8.Drumz of madness
C1.Back again
C2.Partyrocka (Ft. K-Hill)
C3.The hyper tone
C4.Hanging with thehiphophoneybadger
C5.Get it on
C6.Turntable sorcery (Ft. Jabba tha Kut, Iron)
C7.Mr. Cheebahawkes theme revisited
C8.Hiphop fanatik (Ft. AfricanCuts AmaZuLu)
D1.Words of knowledge
D2.For ya mental
D3.Age of space
D4.Universal virtuoso
D5.Little green men
D6.Search & destroy
D7.Foodfight beatz
D8.After laughter