Camping Shaâbi

Uitvoerder(s):Think Of One
Label(s):Crammed Discs
Label code:CRAW 42
Aanwezig in Muziekcentrumja
Genre(s):Wereldmuziek, hedendaagse folk
Taal:Nederlands, Frans, Instrumentaal


1.J'étais jetée (2007 version)
2.Mon verre
3.Wereld ni
5.Gnawa power (2007 version)
7.Hamdushi five
8.Mon verre revient
9.Où tu vas? (2007 version)
10.Trap het af (2007 version)
11.Sharia Orabi (2007 version)
12.Camping Shaâbi
13.Antwaarpse Shaâbi (2007 version)
14.Alela minena (2007 version)


*** "The heavy rocking guitar figures of 'Hamdushi Five' - based on a North African rhythm, they claim - is attention grabbing and impressive. There's a lot going on here. ... if your ears can find the wood for all the musical trees and style switches, there are some hidden treats to be found." [Songlines - Nr. 50 - 2008]

Camping Shaabi is consistently inventive and surprising.... Far too eccentric to ever expand beyond cult status, you’d nevertheless be well advised to stop what you’re doing and enjoy the party should Think Of One's festival on wheels ever pull up in your town. One of the strangest records of the year so far, but also one of the best.
Chris White, BBC

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