B'Rock performs Georg Friedrich Händel

Componist(en):Georg Friedrich Händel
Uitvoerder(s):B'Rock, Wim Maeseele, Frank Agsteribbe, Tom Devaere
Label code:KTC 1383
Aanwezig in Muziekcentrumja


Concerto grosso in F, op. 3 nr. 4, HWV 315
Concerto grosso in G, op. 6 nr. 1 HWV 319
Flavio: ouverture, allegro HWV 16
Lotario HWV 26: Ouverture, Gavotta
Il pastor fido HWV 8


3 stemvorkjes
Commencé sous le givre, voilà un album qui finit au soleil.
(Ivan A.Alexandre, Diapason nr. 571 juli-aug 2009, p. 88)

Deze Händel-cd laat de hoge kwaliteit van het ensemble goed horen. Het speelt strak, to the point en levendig.
(Marjolijn Sengers, Luister nr. 661 sept/okt 2009, p. 85)

Vigorous playing in an all-too-rare selection of Handel's orchestral music
B'Rock may have a groan-worthy name but these performances are anything but tacky: the string-playing is strongly characterised, without any hint of complacency, and the use of a decent number of players (almost 20) enables some vigorous and rich textures, in which the woodwind and continuo play a full part....[] B'Rock zesty performances illustrate that Handel's orchestral repertoire has plenty to offer beyond the usual suspects.
(David Vickers, Gramophone nr. 1052, december 2009, p. 74)

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