Bange Konijnen

Categorie:artiest / groep
Genre(s):Rock / Alternative


From the Belgian pop & rock archives:
Bange Konijnen ("Frightened Rabbits") was a sidestep of Elvis Peeters and Fred Angst, the main members of the eccentric band Aroma di Amore. In the southern part of Belgium they performed under the name "Lapin lapin".

Their one and only artifact is the funny single "Ik ben verliefd op Sandra Kim" (I am in love with Sandra Kim).

Sandra Kim was the italo-walloon child singer who snatched the Eurovision-songcontest in 1986 with the memorable "J'aime la vie". Memorable for the age at which she did it (14) and the way she got away with singing so far off tone it brought the conductor of the orchestra to a nervous breakdown from which he is still not fully recovered.

In the post-Dutroux era Belgium is in right now, the lyrics to the song cannot be accused of being too "politically correct"

Shit ik ben verliefd op Sandra Kim, Oh shit. Lekker stuk van 14 jaar Heel Europa viel voor haar Voor de beeldbuis kwam ik klaar Ook premier Martens deed het maar.

(Shit, I am in love with Sandra Kim, oh oh, shit ! ... Beautiful babe, fourteen years of age All of Europe was fond of her In front of the tube she made me come Even the PM did it then.)

(Author: Dirk Houbrechts)