Ian Van Dahl

Categorie:groep / artiest
Huidige/voormalige leden:Peter Luts, Christophe Chantzis, David Vervoort, Annemie Coenen


The face and unbelievably stunning voice behind Ian van Dahl is Annemie
Coenen. All started in the magical year 2000 when top-producers Christophe Chantzis
and Erik Vanspauwen teamed up with this lovely singer.

Discovered by Stefan Wuyts (MD of A&S Productions) and Hugo Foets (King
International Services) our fresh new talent was carefully placed among the
"beasts", that are Christophe and Erik. This was the beginning of her dream come true. She had lived for this moment all her live.

At the age of 7 Annemie won her first award at a Sound mix & Playback show.
A new star was born. During her growing carrier she kept on working on her voice taking lessons & music school. And she kept on winning prices. Annemie was determined to reach the top. And she did !!

Records like "Castles in the sky", "Will I?" and "Reason" resulted in huge
worldwide success with chart positions all over the world. Demands for an act flew in from every corner on the globe. This was the possibility for Annemie to show the world who she really was. Not only a brilliant voice, as you can hear on the debut album "ACE", but also a superb dancer seducing the crowd with her moves and magnificent body. Hard to believe this girl also has brains? She does.
Watch out for this "femme fatale" 'cause she's coming your way.

(Laatste update: december 2002; bron: A & S Productions)

Selectieve discografie

Lost & foundLost & found (2004)
Dance & Electronica
Ian Van Dahl
AceAce (2002)
Dance & Electronica
Ian Van Dahl

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