Worst case scenario

Label(s):Bang! Music
Label code:20504
Aanwezig in Muziekcentrumja
Genre(s):Rock / Alternative


2.Suds & Soda
3.W.C.S. (first draft)
4.Jigsaw you
7.Let go
9.Secret hell
10.Let's get lost
12.Shake your hip
13.Divebomb djingle


"... Songs zo inventief en gevarieerd en origineel en eigenzinnig dat we er een boek over zouden kunnen schrijven. Worst Case Scenario is een wereldplaat."
(Marnix Peeters, Humo, 17-02-1994)

Vox magazine :
"Pumpkins rock, Black Flag guts ('Morticia's Chair')and the melodic ear of The Clash ('Via')......and it's all here in varying, but highly flammable doses. How did these fresh-faced Antwerp boys get so twisted?"

Select magazine :
"We have 'Suds & Soda' blending 'Venus In Furs' with pop-metal riffing worthy of Faith No More. The title track's charmingly unhinged lyrics, and 'Hotellounge'mixing a poignancy with Beefheartian boings from the guitars of the great Rudy Trouve......a marvellous debut."

Kerrang :
"The title track is Girls Against Boys flirting with jazz. 'Hotellounge' sees Tom Waits perform suave punk karaoke. 'Suds & Soda' welds frenzied violin onto unstable bass runs. In creating their beautiful corruption, this versatile quartet have issued a bold challenge to the open-minded."

Q :
"With an erratic musical identity located somewhere between John Cale, Captain Beefheart and Sonic Youth, and a 15 track debut album which veers effortlessly from the sublime to the ridiculous and back again, they have a truly unique appeal."

Time Out :
"Pretentious art wank? Possibly. But as a big fan of art and wanking, I make no apologies for proclaiming dEUS the most refreshing young guitar aspirants of 1994. As divine as their name suggests."

Les Inrocks :
"dEUS tisse une sorte de free-rock sans collier. Sans code. On n’entre pas dans son univers par effraction, il faut d’abord se donner la peine d’en faire le tour. Une fois la porte localisée, on trouvera à l’intérieur certes peu de meubles confortables, mais tout un amalgame d’éléments emboîtés propres à rassasier notre curiosité. En somme, un disque gigogne."
(Jean-Luc Manet, Les Inrocks, 01-1995)

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