Orpheus' Noble Strings

Componist(en):John Dowland, Francis Pilkington, William Corkine, John Danyel, Anthony Holborne, Thomas Campion, Alfonso Ferrabosco (i)
Uitvoerder(s):Sofie Vanden Eynde, Thomas Hobbs, Romina Lischka
Label code:PARITY 216229
Distributeur:Harmonia Mundi
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Francis Pilkington
1. Rest, sweet nymphs
3. Music dear Solace

John Dowland
2. Prelude
10. Come away, some sweet love
23. Mr. Dowland's midnight
24. Go nightly cares

William Corkine
4. Come live with me, and be my love
6. Almaine
7. Truth, trying time
14. Prelude
15. Mounsiers Almaine
16. Coranto
25. Down, down, proud mind

John Danyel
8. Like as the lute delights
11. Can doleful notes
12. No let chromatic tunes
13. Uncertain certain turns

Alfonso Ferrabosco
9. Pavin

Tobias Hume
17. The virgines muse
18. Cease leaden slumber
19. Musickes delight
22. What greater grief

Anthony Holborne
20. Prelude

Thomas Campion
21. To music bent is my retired mind