Type:best of
Uitvoerder(s):Flat Earth Society, X-Legged Sally
Label(s):Igloo - Sowarex Records
Label code:IGL257
Aanwezig in Muziekcentrumja
Genre(s):big band jazz, free & experimental jazz, Jazz


F E S XL S #Thebox bevat:

3 onuitgegeven cd's
7 digitale heruitgaves van Flat Earth Society: Live at the Beursschouwburg, Bonk, Larf, Minoes, Trap, The Armstrong Mutations, Answer Songs
5 digitale heruitgaves van X-Legged Sally: Slow Up, Killed by Charity, The Land of the Giant Dwarfs, F.I.R.E.D., Bereft of a Blissfull Union,
+ vele extra's


1-1.Flat Earth Society - De berg
1-2.Flat Earth Society - De boot
1-3.Flat Earth Society - Ik kom (1)
1-4.Flat Earth Society - Intermezzo
1-5.Flat Earth Society - De reis
1-6.Flat Earth Society - De vogels
1-7.Flat Earth Society - De storm
1-8.Flat Earth Society - Ik kom (2)
1-9.Flat Earth Society - Intermezzo
1-10.Flat Earth Society - De stilte
1-11.Flat Earth Society - De kanteling
1-12.Flat Earth Society - De smelt
2-1.Smith Quartet, X-Legged Sally - Nuages gris
2-2.X-Legged Sally - Anthem - The land of the giant dwarfs
2-3.X-Legged Sally - It's a baby
2-4.Smith Quartet, X-Legged Sally - Out of the pit
2-5.X-Legged Sally - Zippo raid
2-6.X-Legged Sally - Still life with Ray
2-7.X-Legged Sally - Yesbody 1 (Yesbody swallowed the sky)
2-8.X-Legged Sally - Blackhead blue blues
2-9.X-Legged Sally - Quorns
2-10.X-Legged Sally - Bleedproof
2-11.X-Legged Sally - Down at the dinghy
2-12.X-Legged Sally - Eddies
2-13.X-Legged Sally - Fes II
2-14.X-Legged Sally - Did you get your milk, Stewart?
2-15.X-Legged Sally - Hair
2-16.X-Legged Sally - R.I.P.
2-17.X-Legged Sally - The Shah of Blah (live)
2-18.X-Legged Sally - Little Hearts
2-19.X-Legged Sally - Poor man's rain
3-1.Flat Earth Society - Knight theme (Live at Beursschouwburg, Brussel, guest: Jimi tenor)
3-2.Flat Earth Society - Without (Live at Depot, Leuven)
3-3.Flat Earth Society - Fes 9 (Live at Vooruit, Gent, guest: Uri Caine)
3-4.Flat Earth Society - In between rivers (Live at Kennedy Center, Washington)
3-5.Flat Earth Society - Kotopoulopology (Live at Vortex, London)
3-6.Flat Earth Society - Hilton's heaven (Live at Jazz Middelheim, Antwerpen, guest: Toots Thielemans)
3-7.Flat Earth Society - Zonk (Live at Jazz Middelheim, Antwerpen, guest: Toots Thielemans)
3-8.Flat Earth Society - Woeful message from the VLF (Live at Vortex, London)
3-9.Flat Earth Society - Mesmerize me (Live at Gent Jazz Festival, guest: Jimi Tenor)
3-10.Flat Earth Society - Marsch 4 (Live at Depot, Leuven)
3-11.Flat Earth Society - La tactique du gendarme (Live at Radio 1-Levende Lijven, guest: Wim Opbrouck)
3-12.Flat Earth Society - Masterstone (Live at Beursschouwburg, Brussel, guest: Jimi Tenor)
3-13.Flat Earth Society - Ffwd (Live at ZomerJazzFietstour, Groningen)
3-14.Flat Earth Society - Snaggletooth (Live at ZomerJazzFietstour, Groningen)
3-15.Flat Earth Society - Heaven on Earth (Live at Jazz Middelheim, Antwerpen, guest: Ernst Reijseger)