van Beethoven Ludwig - Strijkkwartetten op. 59 en Strijkkwintet op. 29

Uitvoerder(s):Kuijken Kwartet, Marleen Thiers
Medewerkers:Sigiswald Kuijken (viool), Sara Kuijken (viool), Veronica Kuijken (altviool), Wieland Kuijken (cello), Marleen Thiers (altviool)
Label(s):Challenge Classics
Label code:CC72362
Aanwezig in Muziekcentrumja


Strijkkwartetten op. 59 nr. 1-3
Strijkkwintet in C op.29


The Kuijken family offer probing interpretations of the Rasumovskys.
Surprise 1: this is not, as you might initially assume, a period-instrument reading of Beethoven's Rasumoskys. Surprise 2: if you're familiar with the Kuijken Quartet of old, this is not it, for it's now an entirely family concern consisting of two generations of this musicanly family, with Sigiswald's wife, viola player Marleen Thiers, joining the trong for the Quintet.
In a crowded field, this new version stands its ground. The Quintet is another impressive achievement and makes an enterprising finale to this set.
(Harriet Smith, Gramophon nr. 1074, september 2011, p. 62)