Haydn Joseph - Die Schöpfung

Uitvoerder(s):Julia Kleiter, Maximilian Schmitt, Johannes Weisser, RIAS Kammerchor, Freiburger Barockorchester, Tom Devaere
Dirigent(en):René Jacobs
Label(s):Harmonia Mundi
Label code:HMC 990039/40
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Die Schöpfung


Haydn’s Creation, part-inspired by Handel’s oratorios and sung here in German, represents the summit of his achievement. At least, that’s how it seems in this glorious performance. Jacobs, directing the Freiburger Barokorchester and RIAS Kammerchor, underlines Haydn’s purity of vision and wealth of dramatic characterisation, without letting stylistic correctness get in the way of the music. Johannes Weisser, Maximilian Schmitt and Julia Kleiter are the fresh-voiced soloists.
(Andrew Clark, Financial Times, 31 October/1 November 2009)

A marvellous performance of Haydn’s oratorio. With its lightness, bounce and good humour, it sounds as fresh as the new Earth’s flora and fauna, so deliciously described in the music. The conductor Jacobs’s springing gait sets the pace, niftily followed by the crack musicians of the Freiburg Baroque Orchestra. Their fruity period instrument colours bring God’s menagerie of creatures to thrilling life. Outstanding solo singing too, especially from Johannes Weisser, a Norwegian baritone of great potential.
(Geoff Brown, The Times, 31 October – 6 November 2009)

A classic creation, superbly performed and recorded
here and elsewhere Jacobs encourages plenty of light and shade in the singing without the results sounding over-artful
(Richard Wigmor, Gramophone nr. 1051, november 2009, p. 89)

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Une Création saturée de rythmes, d'idées et de lumière, mais dans laquelle Jacobs et son équipe ne retrouvent pas tout à fait l'état de grâce des Saisons.
(Jean-luc Macia, Diapason nr. 574 november 2009, p. 90)

Choc van de maand november
Harnoncourt recherche le resserrement dramatique, Jacobs s'occupe davantage de la couleur, de l'ambiguïté harmonique.
(Xavier de Gaulle, Classica nr. 117 november 2009, p. 73)

**** een 10 van Luister
Het is allemaal met liefde gedaan en Haydns Verrassingseffecten zoals het verschijnen van het licht linken zoals ze moeten zijn.
(Paul Herruer, Luister nr. 664 winter 2010, p. 79)

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