Franz Schubert - Works for fortepiano Volume II

Componist(en):Franz Schubert
Uitvoerder(s):Jan Vermeulen
Label code:KTC 1331
Aanwezig in Muziekcentrumja


1-4. Impromptu's voor piano, D. 899, op. 90, nr. 1-4
5-8. Impromptu's voor piano, D. 935, op. 142, nr. 1-4

1-4. Sonate voor piano, D. 894, op. 78 in G gr
5-8. Sonate voor piano, nr. 7, D. 568, op. posth. 122 in Es gr


It’s a real treat to hear some of Schubert’s finest works for piano so well played on a Streicher und Sohn exactly contemporary with the music. The instrument is beautifully balanced, with a powerful bass and sonorous tenor (...) the sound is much better than that of the 1848 Streicher on the Schubert recording I reviewed in the August 2006 EMR. So is the performer: Vermeulen is admirably expressive, and makes full use of the instrument’s wide dynamic range in some really dramatic contrasts. His articulation is very clear, and in particular staccato bass notes make their proper effect instead of being blurred by the sustaining pedal as usually happens on the modern piano. Above all, he can make a tune really sing, with subtle control of rhythm and dynamics. Despite my one (minor) reservation, this is a very impressive achievement, and can be highly recommended
(Richard Maunder, Early Music review, oktober 2007)