Franck - Van Landeghem

Componist(en):Jan Van Landeghem, August de Boeck, César Franck
Uitvoerder(s):Jenny Spanoghe, Jan Van Landeghem, Duo Landini
Label(s):Pavane Records
Label code:ADW 7490
Distributeur:AMG Records Benelux
Aanwezig in Muziekcentrumja
Genre(s):21ste eeuw / hedendaags, 20ste eeuw, romantiek


nr. 1 Franck César: Mélancolie
nr. 2-5 Franck César: Sonata voor viool en orgel
nr. 6-10 van Landeghem Jan: L'invisible pour les yeux: les étoiles, La rose, Le petit prince, Le renard, Eclats de lumière
nr. 11 De Boeck August: Prière-Gebed


One would welcome these artists, who style themselves the Duo Landini, on any instruments. Moreover, the arrangement suggests how the Sonata would go as a concerto—fantasy wedded to Gothic splendor (one thinks of Pierné’s sumptuous orchestral transcription of the Prélude, Choral et Fugue). Landeghem’s luminous, ecstatic five-movement suite around Saint-Exupéry’s Little Prince is a cornucopia of sonic marvels poured forth prodigally with compelling conviction. One hardly knows which to praise more, Spanoghe’s seductive tone or her narrative eloquence—her Scheherazade-like relish in spinning out the piquantly piqued and fretted line Landeghem has given her, to make an unique demesne—high, wild, sweet, and moving—spanning the 20th century with generous overlaps either way.
Mélancolie, adapted from a leçon de solfège dating from 1885—which Franck’s biographer, Joël-Marie Fauquet, does not hesitate to compare to the Violin Sonata—opens the program with a small but radiant find, and August de Boeck’s last work, a brief Prière, reminiscent of Wolf’s Gebet in its simple, ceremonial sweetness, ushers it to a close. Which is to say that the program is a glorious string of enchanting discoveries that I do not merely recommend to you but urge upon you. You’ll be reminded on the next Want List. (Adrian Corleonis)