Alle 40 goed

Type:best of
Label(s):EMI Music Belgium
Label code:9076802
Aanwezig in Muziekcentrumja
Genre(s):Rock / Alternative
Taal:Frans, Engels


1-1.Mourir à plusieurs
1-2.Bathroom singer
1-3.Mon sissoyen
1-4.In my bed
1-6.Voir un ami pleurer
1-7.Help me Mary
1-8.Tango de la peau (Edit)
1-10.A beautiful day in L.A.
1-11.Play the guitar boy
1-12.Charles and the White Trash European Blues Connection - See-line woman
1-13.Arno & the Subrovnicks - Meet the freaks
1-14.Mother's little helper (Live in Brussels)
1-15.La vie est une partouze
1-16.Arno, Beverly Jo Scott - Jean Baltazaarrr
1-17.Lonesome Zorro
1-18.Jive to the beat
1-19.Marie tu m'as (Live at the Jet)
1-20.Funky you're not
2-1.Vive ma liberté
2-2.Je veux nager
2-3.Les yeux de ma mere (Live 2001)
2-4.Chic et pas chèr
2-5.Knowing me knowing you
2-6.Dancing inside my head
2-7.Little red rooster
2-8.Je ne veux pas être grand
2-10.From zero to hero
2-11.Ils ont changé ma chanson
2-13.Lola, etc.
2-14.Forget the cold sweat
2-15.Le bon Dieu (Live at the Jet)
2-16.New born monkey
2-17.You got to move (Live in Brussels)
2-18.Arno & the Subrovnicks - I am still allright
2-19.European cowboy
2-20.Rita rose