Type:best of
Uitvoerder(s):Roland Van Campenhout
Label(s):EMI Music Belgium
Label code:5099930761927
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1-1.Roland - Moonlight lady
1-2.Keep from keepin' on
1-3.Roland - Last Letter Home
1-4.El Fish, Roland - The end is not in sight (Live at AB Club)
1-5.El Fish, Roland - 17 Years in a phone booth (Live at AB Club)
1-6.Roland - Brick Blues (Live at Bourlaschouwburg)
1-7.El Fish, Roland - Way beyond the moon (Live at AB Club)
1-8.Roland - Wayward wind (Live at Bourlaschouwburg)
1-10.The last tribe - Too late to say
1-11.Roland - The love you save
1-12.The last tribe - Nice wind on Anson Road (Edit)
1-13.Chinese swans
1-14.Roland - Ballad of Jean Harlow
1-15.Roland - Dreaming my dreams with you
2-1.Back to coal
2-2.Jambo Africa
2-3.Florida handshake
2-4.The last tribe - Love and devotion
2-5.Roland Van Campenhout, Pieter-Jan de Smet - Believe no more
2-6.Roland - The Blues before you were born
2-7.Roland Van Campenhout, Wannes Van de Velde - Vilvoorde
2-8.Spelers & Drinkers - Pieter Breughel in Brussel (Met Roland)
2-9.Fire in the morning (Live at Toots Studio)
2-10.Midnight star (Live at Toots Studio)
2-11.Never enough (Live at Toots Studio)
2-12.Never too soon (Live at Toots Studio)
2-13.In my time (Live at Toots Studio)