Outside the simian flock

Label(s):PIAS Belgium
Label code:PIASB 061 CD / 941.0061.020
Aanwezig in Muziekcentrumja
Genre(s):Rock / Alternative


1.Body experience revue
2.Aping friends
3.Me crazy, you sane
6.Come with you
7.She's a doll
8.Petty thug
9.Her gender (fixed)
10.Flame me up
11.Nothing left
12.Summer pass me by


Focus Knack :
“een mix van toonaangevende stromingen uit het begin van de jaren ’70… een rariteitenkabinet in het kwadraat… een kolkend bad, dampend onder het schuim.”
(EH, Focus knack, 31-10-2001)

Winnipeg Sun :
"(...) It's obvious from his debut 'Outside The Simian Flock' that the singer-guitarist boasts a wealth of musical influences. You can hear the Pixies in his choppy riffs, quirky subject matter and nasal vocals. You can hear Queens of The Stone Age in the chugging robo-rock riffage. You can hear Devo in his mongoloid guitar twang. You can hear dEUS - with whom he has toured as a sideman - in his artsy approach and abrasive textures. You can even hear a little Beefheart in the floppy boot stomp of his of his beats and the angularity of his licks. And when you hear 'm back-to-back, it makes this 12-song offering a quirky little gem indeed. Here's hoping Vanhamel stays outside the musical flock - even if he doesn't get rich doing so."
(Darryl Sterdan, Winnipeg Sun, 10-10-2003, p.31)

Rockpile Magazine :
"(...) Imagine Rob Crows fronting a cross between Rapture and The Hives. On 'Outside The Simian Flock', the band meanders through a progression of different styles and directions, embracing the kinetic energy of punk, dance beats, '80s synth, and even a bit of industrial and folk (...)"
(Jonathan Cholewa, Rockpile, oktober 2003)

Spin Magazine :
"(...) As the pervy 'Champagne' and the throbbing 'Petty Thug' make clear, these cyborgs want to fuck you like an animal on the road to Erotic City."
(Spin Magazine, december 2003)