Music inspired by sunrise

Uitvoerder(s):Zita Swoon
Label(s):PIAS Belgium, Chikaree Records
Label code:BIAS 341CD / 450.0341.20
Aanwezig in Muziekcentrumja
Genre(s):Rock / Alternative
Taal:Instrumentaal, Engels


1.A song of two humans
2.Woman of the city
3.The waiting
4.Meeting by the swamp
5.Come of the city
6.The skeem
7.Couldn't she get drowned?
8.Trip to the city
9.The city
10.Where's my love?
11.At the barbers'
12.At the photographers
13.Casino swing
14.Pig chase
15.Peasant dance
16.3 Angels song
17.A new moon
18.The storm
19.The gathering of the men
20.The search
21.The return
23.Coda : A song of two humans
24.Giving up the hero
25.Couldn't she get drowned? (edit)