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Formaat:Vinyl LP
Uitvoerder(s):Diverse uitvoerders
Label(s):Music Mania
Label code:MMLP053
Aanwezig in Muziekcentrumja
Genre(s):Rock / Alternative


A1.Paul Couter - Shake them
A2.The Grave Brothers - Snake struck
A3.The Distractors - The night is young (and so are you)
A4.Garbage Bags - Little girl
A5.Blackup - Club Dorothée
A6.Till My Crops Die - Where I belong
B1.Thee Andrews Surfers - The gook book according to Thee Andrews Surfers
B2.The Akulas - Rustines
B3.The Preacher Men - Drying in the rain
B4.Perlin - Burning down
B5.Zilke - Martha Louis Alfons
B6.Vincent Starwaver - Sadsong