Deewee Foundations

Formaat:Vinyl LP
Uitvoerder(s):Diverse uitvoerders
Label code:DEEWEE 050
Aanwezig in Muziekcentrumja
Genre(s):Dance & Electronica


A1.Charlotte Adigéry - Bear with me (and I'll stand bare before you)
A2.Laima - Disco pregnancy (Tonal + rhythmical)
A3.Each Other - Burn it down
A4.Bolis Pupul - Moon theme (Edit)
A5.James Righton - Release party
B1.Die Verboten - Aquarius (Edit)
B2.Soulwax - Heaven scent (Ft. Chloë Sevigny, Edit)
B3.Soulwax - Movement 6 (Edit)
B4.Soulwax - Conditions of a shared belief
C1.Soulwax - Close to paradise
C2.Asa Moto - Kifesh (Edit)
C3.Laila - The other me (Deeweedub)
C4.Asa Moto - Wanowan Efem (Edit)
D1.Charlotte Adigéry - Paténipat (Edit)
D2.Klanken - Drie (Edit)
D3.Phillipi - 9000
D4.Movulango - Leave
D5.Laima - Home
E1.Emmanuelle - Italove
E2.Sworn Virgins - Take your lady (Edit)
E3.Phillipi & Rodrigo - Paciencia (Edit)
E4.Extra Credit - Drive me (Edit)
F1.Bolis Pupul - Wèi? (Edit)
F2.Soulwax - Essential Eleven
F3.Sworn Virgins - Fifty dollar bills (Edit)
F4.Phillipi & Rodrigo - Retrogrado
F5.Future Sound of Antwerp - Tom Cruise, Scientologist