In Vain the Am'rous Flute

Componist(en):Henry Purcell, William Croft, Giovanni Battista Draghi, John Blow, Gottfried Finger, William Williams
Uitvoerder(s):Les Goûts-Authentiques
Dirigent(en):Jan Devlieger
Label code:KTC 1694
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Henry Purcell
- Symphony for flutes
- The bashful Thames
- Ground in D minor, Z. D222
- Next, Winter is coming slowly
- In vain the Am'rous flute
- If love's a sweet passion
- Why should men quarrel
- Two in one upon a ground
- Since the toils and hazards of war
- Here the deities approve
- A ground in Gamut, Z.645
- One charming night
- Strike the viol
- Hark! How the songsters of the grove

William Croft
- Prelude in C minor
- Ground in C minor, Z. D221

Giovanni Battista Draghi
- The soft complaining flute

- Ground 'Scocca pur'
- Green sleeves to a ground

John Blow
- Chacone in G minor, Kl.60
- Morlake ground, Kl.71

Gottfried Finger
- A ground

William Williams
- Sonata in immitation of Birds