Waste My Records

Categorie:platenfirma / label
Genre(s):Rock / Alternative


Uit de assen van Munich Records richt labelmanager Yves Vaes in 2012 Waste My Records op.

Uitgebrachte releases

For everFor ever (2014)
Blues & Roots
Eriksson Delcroix
Let me go into the wildLet me go into the wild (2013)
Rock / Alternative
King DaltonKing Dalton (2013)
Blues & Roots, Rock / Alternative
King Dalton
Protection Patrol PinkertonProtection Patrol Pinkerton (2013)
Rock / Alternative
Protection Patrol Pinkerton
RapidsRapids (2013)
Rock / Alternative
Bed Rugs
The birds fly lowThe birds fly low (2012)
Rock / Alternative
Creature with the Atom Brain
8th Cloud8th Cloud (2012)
Rock / Alternative, Pop / Rock
Bed Rugs

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