White Paper rond visa-problemen bij buitenlandse artiesten

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European Live Music Forum heeft, naar aanleiding van een sessie op Womex 2007 rond visa-problemen bij het uitnodigen van buitenlandse artiesten voor concerten en festivals, een paper gepubliceerd dat de belangrijkste problemen en uitdagingen hieromtrent bundelt.
The increased challenges facing tour and concert organisers, artists, agents, management companies and others involved with cultural exchange in an international context has emerged as one of the main areas of discussion within the music industries and its wider community.
During the international trade fair WOMEX 2007; an emergency session focused on complex visa and work permit regulations for artists. The session discussed lack of competence and perceived cynicism at consulate level and time consuming Schengen procedures that result in huge financial expenditure and great frustration for the arts sector and ultimately hampers cultural exchange and the expression of cultural diversity.
FREEMUSE ‐ an independent international organisation which advocates freedom of expression for musicians and composers worldwide ‐ offered to collect and process case histories from the participants and present the results to relevant authorities and institutions in the EU, in particular the EU Commission, The European Parliament, and National and European Artists' Associations.
The initiative was immediately joined by ECA ‐ The European Council of Artists, representing organisations of professional artists, authors and performers in 26 European countries and ELMF ‐ The European Live Music Forum, representing a number of live music communities such as the International Music Managers Forum IMMF, The Agents Association, The European Arenas Association EAA, The Production Services Association PSA among others and EFWMF ‐ The European Forum of Worldwide Music Festivals, a network of world music festivals.
These organisations share common concerns regarding administrative procedures that hinder cultural exchange between Europe and the rest of the world. The organisations equally regard the strong EU support for the UNESCO Convention on Cultural Diversity as an important reference to a practical change of administrative procedures regarding visa and work permit procedures for non‐EU artists visiting Europe.
The convention calls upon ratifying countries to “adopt measures in developed countries with a view to facilitating access to their territory for cultural activities from developing countries”.
This White Paper sums up some of the problems and challenges of bringing international artists into Europe, or from one country in Europe to another.
It is the hope that this White Paper will clarify why the EU must change its procedures in order to live up to its obligations under the UNESCO convention. It should also be noted that European artists suffer by virtue of similar procedures applied by the United States of America and others.
Je kan de volledige white paper hier downloaden.

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