Franse senaat valideert wet tegen internetpiraterij

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De Franse senaat heeft een omstreden wet geadopteerd die internetgebruikers die inbreuken plegen op het auteursrecht na twee waarschuwingen een maand tot een jaar toegang tot het internet ontzegt. De wet moet nu nog goedgekeurd worden door het parlement.
An independent administrative authority will be entitled to collect infringers' data from their ISPs as requested by artists' collecting societies.

The owner of any Internet access used for infringing acts will be first sent a warning by email, then another one by registered mail in case of repeated infringement within six months; in case of a third infringement within the next year, the authority will be entitled to have the ISP cut the offender's Internet access for one month to one year, without any possibility to open access from another ISP.

The draft law also imposes conditions on the music industry, by demanding that it abandons digital rights management (DRM) within six months and comes to an agreement on interoperability of music files. (via)
De wet is omtsreden omdat hij volgens de Europese Comissie indruist tegen het vrije recht op informatie:
According to its opponents, the three-strike scheme might be challenged even if integrated into French law since the European Parliament adopted on Sept. 24 the amendment 138 as part of the telecoms package, under which "no restriction may be imposed on the fundamental rights and freedoms of end-users without a prior ruling of the judicial authorities... save when public security is threatened, in which case the ruling may be subsequent." (via)

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