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Uitgever:Hello Bank!
Plaats van uitgave:Brussel
Datum van uitgave:05.2015
Aantal pagina's:232
Raadpleegbaar:in Muziekcentrum Vlaanderen (op afspraak)
Genre(s):Dance & Electronica


"This report has been commisioned by Hello Bank! to support the Hello Play! project they have set up in 2014, and is fully dedicated to Belgian electronic music:

Next to the Love Sessions, Hello Play! also offers original content about different collaborative projects. Up until now, Hello Play! supported the collaboration between the live band VUURWERK and the fashion designers KRJST for the presentation of KRJST's new collection at Silencio during Paris Fashion Week 2015, the Beat by Beat lectures by Tangram Records, and the Boombox Bike that was constructed by Kruz Company and Hush Rush.

The aim of this trend report is to gather as much information as possible about the Belgian electronic music scene. All of these insights can be used by Hello Bank! and Hello Play! to improve their current approach and to support and stimulate the development of the Belgian electronic music scene even more. We advise you to follow this platform closely in order to discover the latest trends and upcoming artists, but also to enjoy all kinds of advantages such as free downloads of exclusive tracks and invitations to the private concerts of Hello Play!"

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