Componist(en):Wilhelm Stenhammar
Dirigent(en):Christian Lindberg
Label(s):BIS Records
Label code:BIS-2058
Aanwezig in Muziekcentrumja
Genre(s):20ste eeuw


Stenhammar Wilhelm

Excelsior!, Op 13
Serenade, Op 31
The Song, Op 44


Lindberg and the Flemish musicians audibly relish its subtle construction in a performance rivalling both of Jarvi's, in top-notch sound. The fillers round out the picture of Stenhammar for those unfamiliar with his music. The symphonic overture -Excelsior (1896)- which has only come into its own in the last 30 years- shows the young composer on the road towards the wonderful G minor Symphony. Lindberg is markedly slower than Jarvi but compels attention. Stenhammar's lyrical genius is illustrated by the Interlude from the substantial cantata Sangen (1921), which he subtitled a 'sinfonia vocale'. A marvellous disc which makes a fine introduction to a marvellous composer.
(Guy Rickards, Gramophone august 2014, p. 42)

3 stemvorkjes
Notturno [...] nous enchante par ses couleurs délicieuses, voire audacieuse. les Belges y vont de leur touches légères, fraîches et claires pour peindre une très jolie toile. A découvrir.
(Nicolas Derny, Diapason nr. 629, november 2014, p. 110)

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